Why I'm Running



Equal access to high quality education is the foundation for all of our success as a state and as a country. Our children must have every chance to succeed while pursuing their ambitions and dreams, whether through post-secondary education or a trade. We must work together to ensure that the next generation will not be saddled with unprecedented student loan debt, which discourages advancement, achievement, and hard work leading to a sagging economy and an unprepared work force.


Opiate Epidemic

More people die every year in Ohio from drug overdoses than died in the terrorist attacks on 9/11, yet the response from Columbus has been to do nothing. We need tougher legislation to punish the predator drug dealers while expanding our resources to treat the addicts who need rehabilitation. Without immediate and powerful action to stifle both the supply of and demand for opiates, Ohio will further slide into the epidemic losing so many more promising sons, daughters, fathers, mothers, husbands, and wives.



Ohio must reestablish its prominence as the cradle of innovation and become an industrial leader again. Our best days were when America looked to Ohio for technological and manufacturing feats. We can be that state again if we are prepared to work together to transition Ohio to an economy based on renewable energy and renewable jobs.



Much like the rest of the country, Ohio has neglected the infrastructure that our parents, grandparents, and great grandparents built. Our roads and bridges deteriorate further every year. With the decay, goes our opportunity to revitalize not only the foundation upon which we can grow Ohio’s economy, but also our blue-collar economy. We must pick up the torch from our ancestors and invest in our infrastructure paving the foundation for expanded economic growth by creating blue-collar jobs.  


Fiscal Responsibility

The buck must stop in Columbus. Our legislators need to stop taking so many resources from our towns and townships to balance their own budget. Our legislators must start making tough decisions and taking care of the State budget without ransacking local police departments, fire departments, and public schools of their resources.